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Who Am I?

Posted by laurettefiumeoe2694 on April 14, 2016 at 9:15 PM

There have been hours and hours spent trying to come up with the right idea. There have been countless false starts and half-tailed attempts. We have seen times where I found myself ready to quit on the concept of a blog altogether.


The last means nothing though. There's this post, at this time, and every one of the posts that will have it. My blog is finally here, and I'm ready to start putting my writing available for the world to see.


Where do I start though? I actually have a ton of tips for this blog. I really could just dive right into that. The theory doesn't feel right though. There's a tone that I wish to strike here. I wish for you, the reader, to feel as if you really know me and may (hopefully) relate to me. So today is all about me: who I am and why I'm accomplishing this.


I promise my ego won't shine through too strongly (let's ease into this), so continue reading:


Who Am I?


I'd like to pretend that I'm someone special, and this blogging was an excellent destiny that I'm finally fulfilling but that will be a lttle bit on the top. I'm merely a normal guy, with a super normal name (Joe).


I work a regular job that has a pretty strict social media/blogging policy, thus i won't be speaking about it much here. I actually have a stable relationship with a wonderful woman. In reality, we just hit our first anniversary! I've been writing online in my leisure time for five-years now, and the act has surprisingly fit me like a glove.


You wouldn't know it at first glance, but I enjoy talk. It doesn't matter what the subject is. Generally If I know about it, then I'll quickly try to make things right into a debate or a lesson. Basically If I don't are aware of the subject well, I morph into the consummate student: asking questions and taking things from different angle. There's the social stuff too, but I'm more prone to want to speak about a company move than I am about Kim K's latest selfie.


It's that longing for interaction and intellectual debate that has kind of set me up for writing (and also the modest success that I've observed in the field) but that's a narrative for the following section.


So, Why Writing?


You realize, I actually despised writing before age 21. It was my least favorite move to make in class. The act was time consuming, it was actually the standardized test i performed the worst on, and then there were one million better items that I thought I could possibly use my time.


I remained competent at the very least during my abilities though. Having a mother and step-father who are both perfectionist high school graduation English teachers is going to do that to you. I couldn't afford college after being made to move out though, so it was plenty of fastfood work rather than much writing for the initial few several years of my adulthood.


Then, the period that I really like to call my "Great Depression" hit. My girlfriend at that time broke up with me, and started dating my roommate. I hated my fastfood job, and quit immediately. The bills were coming in though, thus i turned to the Internet for work.


I had an effective run being a freelance writer for a long time but writing the lower-end stuff set me up for the pretty intense burnout. I finished up just going completely away from the grid for around each year, and it also was a good thing for me and my writing.


As an alternative to writing for clients, I would personally step out on a hike with a notebook and merely jot down posts and articles of my very own. They've never seen the lighting of day (plus they won't now), mostly since they were pretty rough.


I began to formulate a real style though, and learned a good deal regarding what I liked to write down and what I'm about like a person also. At my core I'm a trainer/explainer. I wish to be the smartest guy in the room, partially for my own, personal ego but mostly because I enjoy having the solutions to everyone's problems.


I finally hit my stride in 2014. I realized the type of person I wanted to be. Furthermore, i saw that writing was my perfect platform. Having the ability to lay things out, one point once the other, guaranteed that we could say things i found it necessary to say.


"I Wanna Be The Most Beneficial..."


Therefore the love for writing has truly been ignited in me, why wait such a long time to begin a blog? There are 2 reasons: self-doubt about the grade of my writing, stemming from not enough topic.


Every writer online says that you need to niche down. You have to center on one very specific thing and make your way of life about that. It's hardly the kind of person that I am. I wish to be the greatest at precisely what I can. Focusing on one subject would be a death knell.


So I manned up and chosen to shun the "comfort zone" concept of one niche. My comfort zone is on a generic site, writing about whatever matters to me or my readers at any moment.


With the subject problem solved, I'm not worried much about quality anymore. I'm hyper-competitive understandably. Since I have my wheelhouse, it really is my only goal to dominate it. Every piece that I put out will serve a defined purpose. Every new piece will likely be a lot better than the final.


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